• Abby Davies

I invite you to ask yourself 'why' you do what you do?

Take a moment to think and reflect on this year's wins. Write them down and see if they align with the goals you set yourself at the beginning of the year. They absolutely don't have to, growth is to be celebrated but the importance in this task is to see how far you've come and what you've achieved.

Your why may have changed throughout this year as our lives have dramatically changed due to covid 19! But the beauty of this is we've been able to grow and evolve together, with a mutual understanding of all the restrictions and struggles we had to endure. With our priorities and goals having to adapt or change, this may have affected our journey in a different direction. But was this a bad thing??

This for me wasn't a bad thing, it presented an opportunity to start up my own company and create a platform to share my journey. I wouldn't have found this passion without the pandemic and the free time it gave me.

It's easier to stay in a routine of structure and security but is it bringing you joy or new possibilities?

With time to reflect, it's easier to try new things and discover endless opportunities instead of remaining stuck down a dead end road to confusion and frustration. It's important to come back to our why and not allow the fear of change to stop us in our tracks.

My why was, and has always been to help others through understanding what's helped me. Through my mental health journey I've learnt that I can indeed help and be there for others through offering advice, my own story and a service to teach a craft that helps find your calm and creativity. The why was always to help others but the how has changed dramatically this year and that's what I want you to reflect on.

Goals are set so you have something to work towards, not to limit you. If you feel comfortable I'd love to hear your wins this year!

A: Do you know your why?

B: If you do, what success has it brought to you this year?

C: What are you new year goals?

I'll go first


  • To help others by sharing my story so you feel more understood and less alone through craft as a way of therapy.


  • Creating x2 (one in the making) global projects: Square The Love, where nearly 200 people have signed and participated in.

  • Creating beginner friendly patterns that resonate with my brand and community.

  • Work with incredible companies such as Sirdar, Stitch & Story, Vicky Knits Love Crafts Hobbi Yarn to name but a few.


  • Make Calm Homemade my main source of income.

  • Hold beginner friendly crochet workshops.

  • Offer my photography services to small businesses.

  • Show up on Instagram more as I miss connecting with you all on a daily basis.

  • Create that YouTube account I've been dreaming of.

Here's to all of us!

Here's to finding our why!

Here to chasing our dreams and being a success!

Here's to smashing our goals!

A x

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